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Professional Communication Course

Duration: 6 Hours Fees: INR 2,000 + GST Weekday Batch Starts: May 20, 2017

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  • Learn the basics of Business English, including the differences between US and UK English
  • Get sensitized to the soft skill aspects of interviews
  • Learn about the typical colloquial mistakes
  • Learn the basics of email communication
  • Master the art of preparing impactful CVs
  • Learn the best practices of Client Communication


The course focuses on Business Communication, which is the backbone of using English in a business environment – from a verbal as well as a written perspective. Business English is all about using the language we know in a different way, and it is needless to emphasize the importance of Business English in today’s competitive work environment. Moreover, learn how the language and its usage differs across geographies. Many a times, English is what helps bridge that gap in your career. The course is classified into the following four broad lines: Indianism: As interesting as it sounds, the topic aims at avoiding the usage of vernacular English while communicating with “native” clients. It covers an interesting topic of “Hinglish”, which has found its way into our verbal and written communication. The module also touches upon the differences between sentence construction in English and our language(s). rencontre 9eme art aix Grammar: English is the language of the world, and Business English is the language of global commerce. Business English is not about learning a new language, it is about using the language we know in a different manner. In a nutshell, this module can be described as Wren and Martin in a business setting. The module covers subject-verb agreement, usage of articles, basic punctuations, and commonly confused words and their implications. conocer chicas hermosillo Email Communication: As email is an integral part of intra- and inter-business communication, the module will shed light on how to write crisp, clear, and concise emails. The module explains the approach, sentence construction, and formatting, along with other hygiene aspects, one needs to keep in mind while authoring emails. Client Communication: Clients are the forefront of all aspects of business. Learn the basics of client communication, cultural nuances, and best practices related to engaging in effective client communication.
go here The 6-hour course covers the following topics:
  1. Interview Best Practices, including CV-making
  2. Email Communication
  3. Indianism
  4. Grammar
  5. Difference between US and UK English
  6. Client Communication
go By the end of the course you will be able to:
  1. Communicate effectively in a business setting
  2. Understand the difference between US and UK English
  3. Learn how to crack interviews
  4. Avoid using vernacular English while communicating with natives
  5. Avoid silly grammatical mistakes in verbal and written communication
  6. Build impactful resumes that instantly strike a chord with employers
  7. Learn to effectively answer interviewer’s questions
  8. Engage in effective client communication
  • Working Professionals
  • Corporates
  • College Graduates and Freshers
  • Unique approach to Business English
  • Personalized attention in a maximum batch size of 10 students (our motto is quality teaching)
  • Leverage our geography-specific language skills
  • Trainers with 10+ years of relevant experience


  • Cians Academy is the training vertical of Cians Analytics (based out in Gurgaon)
  • The courses are especially relevant for people who want to work in the financial services industry or become conversant with financial analysis
  • Our students have been placed in many reputed finance companies apart from getting absorbed in Cians Analytics as an Analyst


  • go to site Cians Analytics is a financial research and consulting firm that works primarily with global private equity firms, hedge funds, and investment banks
  • The range of work at Cians Analytics includes studies focused on analyzing and valuing companies using best financial modeling practices, helping with due diligence and various other analyses


  • BlackRock
  • EY
  • Fidelity
  • KPMG
  • Cians Analytics
  • Finvista
  • Axis Bank
  • MCube
  • REquty
  • ICICI Bank
  • PWC
  • Others

Batch Dates

  • August 19, 2017
  • Class timings: 10.30 AM–5.00 PM
  • The classes will be conducted at our Gurgaon office